It just hit a dude in the face

Virginia Motorsports Park © Google.

Virginia Motorsports Park © Google.

The Washington Post had a story that featured a drone crash during the Virginia Bull Run. 5 people had minor injuries and were treated on the scene by EMTs. That story was then picked up by The Week, titled, The Problem with commercial drones: Sometimes they crash.

Both pieces feature a video that I had trouble embedding here.  Where the camera operator who is watch the drone, says:

"It just hit a dude in the face" 

which is horrible.  I believe that we will be seeing and hearing more and more of these stories. As film makers and hobbiests continue to use these aerial camera platforms near people, they will continue to make contact.  What we can do is reduce the risks.  


I have been using the DJI Phantom to get aerial footage both indoors and outdoors, pictured below.

Because these small helicopter aren't really designed to be around people. Some manufacturers, including DJI, have made prop guards.  These guards are a start to making this helicopter safer around people.