In 2006 my team at thehappycorp collaborated with PopRally to bring an experiential performance of Les Savy Fav to the Museum of Modern Art ( MoMA).  We conceived of a means of bringing young patrons, and influential creatives to the museum in order to strip them of their mobile devices and provide them with an immersive art experience with 1,000 others.

As part of the event the lead  singer, Tim Harrington and his band dress as art thieves, while a group of volunteers also dressed as art thieves distributed copies, and pieces of art that were currently on view., the world's front-line in the fight against Severe Micro-Cellulotamination, is thrilled to announce the release of our first video. This expose takes a closer look at SMC, the cell phone disease, and Dr. Mark Marmalard. Marmalard, a licensed physician, surprised the medical community last week when he revealed CLL PHN LCKN: the only treatment "guaranteed" to reverse the effects of SMC.