From 2004 until 2009 Thehappycorp global, ran an event series called LVHRD. "Live Hard". We aspired to bring together people from various creative and cultural industries, in hopes of building a community of collaborators that would better the world.   Born out of a frustration in the quality of social events derived from media companies and brands,  we created an event series designed to bring together creative people from diverse backgrounds. We started with small exclusive events, and built a list of 10,000 members, with events with more than 1,000 attendees.

In creating the series from scratch, we learned so much about how people socialize in new york. I worked on a process that would break down social barriers in public and semi-private spaces through community based concepts.

The series gave birth to a bunch of events types that I am proud of:

  • Architects Duel – A live architectural design competition
  • Fashion Duel – A live fashion design competition
  • (CLL) PHN-LCKN - A mass experience that changes your relationship with mobile tech.
  • Vending Machine Challenge – A live team eating competition
  • The Bi-Fold Series – A lecture series.
  • Mic Fight – A live karaoke competition.
  • Dance-Hard – A live dance competition.
  • Photo-Hard – A live photo competition.
  • The Work/Play Conference – A conference about turning play into work.

Our experiences as a team included the promotion, sponsorship, and planning of events in a very diverse set of venues, including the Museum of Modern Art, The Canal Room, The Broad Street Ballroom, the 92streetY, Le Poisson Rouge, Public Assembly, and many others. 

The series was called " A fight Club for Creatives" by Fast Company, and was features in the NYTIMES and CNN.


In 2006 my team at thehappycorp collaborated with PopRally to bring an experiential performance of Les Savy Fav to the Museum of Modern Art ( MoMA).  We conceived of a means of bringing young patrons, and influential creatives to the museum in order to strip them of their mobile devices and provide them with an immersive art experience with 1,000 others.

As part of the event the lead  singer, Tim Harrington and his band dress as art thieves, while a group of volunteers also dressed as art thieves distributed copies, and pieces of art that were currently on view.

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