Absolut Interactive


Ad banner series encourages consumption of Absolut flavored vodkas and drives visitors to the Website for recipes, pickup lines, party tips and interactive stories...

  • Average download size per ad is 50k
  • Animations developed in Flash
  • Interactive elements activated with rolloyers and mouse action 
Like the well-known print ads that engage you with word/image play, these engage you with word/interaction play.
— Julia Whitney
The whole campaign was well-executed but there’s great interactivity in this particular piece.
— Mandar Mhaskar

Creator's Comments:

"This work came out of a brief for us to create ads around 'consumption,' to give people a reason to use the product. Our solution was to promote flavors and drink recipes; we spent weeks testing which recipes would be worthy.

"Our client requires that we show branding in the form of the bottle shape at the start of each ad. The key challenge was to maintain a photographic look, under the sok limitation set by media properties. As a rule, there are no clicks in the ads; all interaction happens through the rollovers.

"Absolut Freshness' borrows from a print ad made when Citron originally launched. Reflections of the lemon on the lemon juicer were painstakingly created by hand using masks, with scaling and skewing of the original lemon. It drove our programmer crazy. The wave created as the headline fills with yellow is actually outlined video taken from a glass filling with actual Absolut. 

"`Seabreeze' was a programming nightmare; everyone on the team wanted a vacation. At first we were going to try to do collision detection on all the pieces of glass, but we ended up creating a linear animation that reacted to mouse position. But sound design was the toughest nut to crack, actual sea glass doesn't chime and metal sounded too hollow—sound effects CDs are worth the space they take up on shelves. "Absolut Soulmates' has been a flexible execution for us. This ad was recast for Valentine's Day release. "'Scorcher' was inspired by Absolut Peppar and a series of fire drills at the office." 



John Bellina/Doug Jaeger, creative directors
Jason Lucas, art director
Dan Cronin, writer
Tim Harrington/Adrian Lafond, programmers/graphic designers/ producers TBWA\Chiat\Day\Tequila, project design and development/ ad agency
Absolut, client