Doug laid the groundwork for reinvigorating ADC as a cultural hub with strong year-round programming. I want the club to continue in that direction, with programming that appeals on both local and global levels and cool events in our great gallery space that connect people and provide real value to members.
— Benjamin Palmer - CEO Barbabian Group
May 19th, 2010 at  SVA theater  and  The Art Directors Club . I played host to the 89th Annual Awards and After Party. I shared the Stage with  ADC Past Presidents   Bob Greenberg  of  R/GA , The legendary  George Lois ,  Bill Oberlander  of  JWT ,  Richard Wilde  of  SVA , Virtually  Paul Lavoie  of  TAXI , as well as  ADC Board Members ,  Brian Collins  of  Collins ,  Benjamin Palmer  of the  Barbarian Group ,  Chee Pearlman  of  Chee Company , and  Scott Belsky  of Behance .

May 19th, 2010 at SVA theater and The Art Directors Club. I played host to the 89th Annual Awards and After Party. I shared the Stage with ADC Past Presidents Bob Greenberg of R/GA, The legendary George LoisBill Oberlander of JWTRichard Wilde of SVA, Virtually Paul Lavoie of TAXI, as well as ADC Board MembersBrian Collins of CollinsBenjamin Palmer of the Barbarian GroupChee Pearlman of Chee Company, and Scott Belsky ofBehance.

Advisory Board Meeting with a bunch of X-Presidents. George Lois, Paul Lavoie, Richard Wilde, Bill Oberlander, Kurt Haiman, Ed Brodsky, and Eileen Hedy Shultz.

Kurt Haiman

In 2010, ADC introduced the ADC Young Guns 8 Cube, designed exclusively for the winners of the ADC Young Guns 8 class, thus kicking off the tradition of having a unique Cube designed each year for the incoming class of Young Guns. The YG8 Cube was designed by Justin Gignac (YG5) and produced by Michael Whitney (YG2).

I worked with the ADC staff to redevelop the awards presentation and afterparty.

I worked with the ADC staff to redevelop the awards presentation and afterparty.

Photo from the ADC rebranding by Trollback and Co, we worked to undo the abrievation 'ADC' to reflect the words 'Art' + 'Directors' +'Club'. A club for people who care about communicating with art.

Art Directors Club Board Member

I joined the ADC as a board member and volunteered my time on several committees  including the young guns committee  helping to steer it towards a self disciplining culture run by young guns with Rei Inamoto. Also I served on the nominating and where I defines a muti-year plan to redevelop the board.

Art Director Club President
In 2008 I was voted to be the President of the Art Directors Club. At age 33 I was awe struck that in some was I was being asked to drive this organization that had been going since 1920. 

I served a 3 year term as board member along side some of the most talented people in the business of design, communications and advertising.

I had the exciting opportunity of rebranding the club bringing in new leadership, and redefining programing. During my tenure we brought in Youtube as a partner to develop stronger connections with digital communications platforms. I also helped bring in modern systems for staff communications  including the use of google apps.

Art Directors Club President - Advisory Board

In 2011 after being president of the club for 3 years, the role of the president shifts into an advisory capacity. In this role I have limited responsibility but must remain as an advisor to the president of the club, currently Benjamin Palmer, CEO of the Barbarian Group. In this capacity I am able to bring together a group of former presidents as an advisory group to the current leadership of the organization. Some of the former presidents include George Lois, Bob Greenberg, Paul Lavoie, amongst others.