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We have to applaud the School of Visual Arts for seriously upping the ante on engaging class projects.
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About SVA

The School of Visual Arts has long prided itself on the reputation and experience of its faculty. More than 1000 artists, writers, designers, filmmakers and photographers come straight from their studios and workplaces to our classrooms to nurture the talent of the future by sharing their experiences and insights into the arduous and exhilarating process of becoming an artist.



Life Insurance : Adjunct Professor

I designed a class called "Life Insurance". When so much of school is about visual problem solving I wanted to pass on skills and opportunities related to living and working in New York. Specifically I wanted to connect students with founders of NYC creative companies, secondly I wanted to invite the students to work together on a class project to rebrand a NYC based business. 

So far I have only had time to teach 2 semesters of the course.  


Semester 1 - 21thru24
The team branded and relaunched a restaurant on the lower east side. 

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Kupersmith by 21thru24
Pedro getting hands on while apply the logo to a piece of signage for Kupersmith a Restaurant bar on the lower east side.

Semester 2 - DangFlag
The team branded and relaunched one of the cities most innovation textile recycling businesses. 

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Wearable Collections by Dang Flag

Signage design by the student team, DangFlag. Produced and in use, unlike most student work.