Google Glass Weapons System.

TrackingPoint, the worldwide leader in advanced firearms technology, has released a video from their Labs department that demonstrates the use of wearable technology along with a Precision Guided Firearm (PGF). PGF technology makes use of a bevy of sensors to make highly accurate ballistic calculations, taking into account wind, elevation, pressure, and more in real time.

It was only a matter of time before google glass would help you shoot around corners, have your superior officer pull the trigger remotely, or hackers disable or adjust your aim. Welcome to the tomorrow of today.

ADC Portfolio Night 5 part Series!

It's amazing to see the ADC play with reality TV formats to inspire the next generation of talent, through a collaboration with Ford, Adobe and the ADC. Way to connect the next generation of talent, and provoke them, and elevate the the craft or creating ideas and presenting them to clients.  Way to go ADC!






New York's Horseless E-Carriage.

An electric car that proponents hope will replace horse-drawn carriages in New York City has also been revealed at the auto show. (Apr. 17)

Important Facts about the Horseless Carriage

  • The electric Horseless Carriage will generate $33 million annually -- nearly double the current carriage industry.
  • Monthly expenses for carriage drivers will drop from $3,000 per month to $1,700 month.
  • Authentically styled and constructed to replicate turn of the century cars with a target build date of 1909. 
  • Ergonomic body design provides comfortable and safe 8 passenger seating. 
  • Cars will be propelled solely by electric power. Lithium-ion batteries provide cutting edge, clean energy. 
  • Raised "stadium" seating, "parasol" convertible top and lowered driver cockpit area provide 360degree viewing. 
  • All-weather driving: Heated seats and roll down clear sides provide comfort in cold weather, snow or rain. 
  • Suspension and steering designed to provide authentic "turn of the century" drive experience. 
  • Up to 10 hours of drive time per charge. 
  • Cars will each be personalized to create a palette of unique and aesthetically pleasing cars. 
  • Regenerative deceleration charges batteries whenever car is slowing down. 
  • Cars will travel at a low 5mph in the park and will be able to keep up with city traffic on the street. 
  • The 21st Century Horseless Carriage will be manufactured locally in one of the five boroughs, creating jobs and bringing a new industry to the city. 
  • It was designed by the team at Creative Workshop.


The 2015 way to reveal a car?

This is the demo of the projection mapping and content for the launch of the volkswagen golf at the New York International AutoShow, this year. It's a lot of fun, makes me wish cars had led skins.

The seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf debuts at New York International Auto Show making its first appearance in the United States with an exciting light show revisiting previous Golf generations. The latest version of the Golf is bigger, more spacious, lighter, and more fuel-efficient.

The Creative Job Market Exposed.

Image Craig Garner ( Via Unsplash )

Image Craig Garner ( Via Unsplash )

I was invited to speak by the
New York Chapter of the Graphic Artists Guild,
at Pratt on Wednesday,
March 26th from 7 – 9pm.
It will be a panel discussion of Illustrators, Designers, Art Directors, Recruiters, and Artist Representatives.

Since 2010 my partner and I at JaegerSloan have been focused on keeping our company small, while delivering high quality work for a broad range of brands.  This has required healthy collaborations with other small companies and independent contractors. We bring in specialists to expand our capabilities and increase the volume of work that we can take on while keeping our overhead costs consistent.  Working this way gives us the freedom to turn down work that isn't appropriate, and invest in projects that we really want to support.  

At this panel discussion, we will be prepared to talk about:

  • How technology has transformed how we find, engage, and collaborate with talent.
  • How the market is changing for marketing, art direction, digital design, illustration, and technology.
  • How to identify and build relationships with the talent you need to make great work happen.



If you are a creative professional on the hiring or the talent side, and you are looking for the context to understand where things are going, this event is worth attending.


Pratt Institute/Manhattan  144 West 14th Street ( between 6th and 7th ) Rm 213   

Pratt Institute/Manhattan
144 West 14th Street ( between 6th and 7th )
Rm 213





Gif89a Banner Ads from the late 90's

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hanging out with the team that I worked with in 1997, at a company called k2 Design Inc. The firm quickly grew from 30 to nearly 100 people while I was there. Because it was so new, and there was so much innovation, the whole thing was sort of exciting an frustrating at the same time.

One area that was growing, was digitaldisplay advertising, or online banner ads. The most economical way of producing and distributing display ads continues to be the animated gif, or GIF89a. When I was an intern at I completed a research project on the GIF, in order to understand animation, compression, and palettes.

When I started working as an Art Director out of school in (1997-1998), one of the biggest challenges was translating brand advertising into the paid media formats of the time. The file size limits were closely controlled as not to ruin the user experience. So 468x60 banners had to be under 12k, sometimes if you were lucky you could get 15k.  Below are some tests that I did to demonstrate some ideas.

3 frames / 10k / 9 colors – Fire

3 frames / 10k / 9 colors – Fire

6 frames / 11k / 13 colors - Random Attention getting banner.

6 frames / 11k / 13 colors - Random Attention getting banner.

9 frames / 12k / 32 Colors- VolksWagen

9 frames / 12k / 32 Colors- VolksWagen

10 frames / 11k / 16 colors - Mitsubishi Motors

10 frames / 11k / 16 colors - Mitsubishi Motors

132 frames / 10k / 16 colors - Financial Services

132 frames / 10k / 16 colors - Financial Services = great cloudbased prototyping.

I have been looking for a product that would help me turn my ideas into working prototypes. My partner Kristin Sloan found, which we compared against  So far I have been really happy with how handles itself.. it took a bit of time to understand the relationship between elements, but now that I have a working knowledge, it's getting fast...