The 2015 way to reveal a car?

This is the demo of the projection mapping and content for the launch of the volkswagen golf at the New York International AutoShow, this year. It's a lot of fun, makes me wish cars had led skins.

The seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf debuts at New York International Auto Show making its first appearance in the United States with an exciting light show revisiting previous Golf generations. The latest version of the Golf is bigger, more spacious, lighter, and more fuel-efficient.

A House as Portable as Furniture

Architect Camino Alonso wanted to create a small, portable, prefab homes, but she didn't want it to feel like a shipping container. Camino, along with her husband and siblings (also architects at their firm Ábaton), created ÁPH80, a tiny home that ships like furniture, but has the style and usability of a smartphone.





The 16th President of RISD

John Maeda was welcomed into the Art Directors Hall of Fame in 2008, at the time I was just joining the ADC board. It was inspiring to be part of an organization that was able to recognize the career of a creative person who is comfortable at the intersection of Design, Technology and Business.  Now just 6 years later it is amazing to see what John has accomplished at RISD, bringing technology to the design/education space and what he will do in at EBAY, in the technology/business space.

Searchlight - A Technical Projection Study.

Urban Screen  is a group of 8 contributors based in Bremen, Germany who have backgrounds in Architecture, Music, Stage Design, and Media art.   They create custom made large scale projections of urban surfaces. This video documents an experiment that they are working on called Search Light. The projector is on a gimbal that is connected to a realtime 3d map of the room, allowing for amazing dynamic projections and for experimentation around artful and purpose driven use cases.

Amazon Prime Air - Drone Delivery

Prime Air is a service that Amazon is developing who's goal is to get customer's deliveries to them in 30 minutes or less. The R&D team at Amazon is working on using drones to deliver small packages, up to five pounds, which accounts for 86 percent of the items sold on amazon. 

Amazon is working with the FAA to advance the rules and regulations to make this possible, which they say will take some years, with a goal as early as 2015. They also mention safety as their top priority. 



Wired debunks this Cyber Monday Hoax.



GoldieBlox - Go Girls!

It's sorta sad that the Beastie Boys are going after Goldie Blox for use of their song. Goldie Blox is a Small company, now, and it's likely the 7.2 millions plays will spern people to buy "Girls" from the Beastie Boys.

To think that it took until 2013 for this to happen. Thank you Debbie Sterling. The work that you are doing here is the most important kind. Creating a generation of future citizens that are interested in how things work. Making it desirable and competitive amongst the sexes, is truly inspiring. To see a future where there are rooms of engineers that are equal parts male as they are female will ensure a future that has less disease, less poverty, less war, and higher standards of living for all. Girls! Let's do this.

As the legal battle ensues between the Beastie Boys and Goldie Blox, I suggest that you buy from both sides of the argument.


Beautiful Lego

Lego's were a huge inspiration to me as a child. Playing with legos gave me an understanding of geometry, color, composition, and even engineering. Lego seems to be a company that despite innovations in technology has managed to stay relevant and capture the imaginations of children and adults alike.  I recently ran into an article pimping a new book by called Beautiful LEGO, by Mike Doyle.