Google Glass Weapons System.

TrackingPoint, the worldwide leader in advanced firearms technology, has released a video from their Labs department that demonstrates the use of wearable technology along with a Precision Guided Firearm (PGF). PGF technology makes use of a bevy of sensors to make highly accurate ballistic calculations, taking into account wind, elevation, pressure, and more in real time.

It was only a matter of time before google glass would help you shoot around corners, have your superior officer pull the trigger remotely, or hackers disable or adjust your aim. Welcome to the tomorrow of today. = great cloudbased prototyping.

I have been looking for a product that would help me turn my ideas into working prototypes. My partner Kristin Sloan found, which we compared against  So far I have been really happy with how handles itself.. it took a bit of time to understand the relationship between elements, but now that I have a working knowledge, it's getting fast...  

Beautiful Lego

Lego's were a huge inspiration to me as a child. Playing with legos gave me an understanding of geometry, color, composition, and even engineering. Lego seems to be a company that despite innovations in technology has managed to stay relevant and capture the imaginations of children and adults alike.  I recently ran into an article pimping a new book by called Beautiful LEGO, by Mike Doyle.

3d Printed Dresses.

 ©MichaelSchmidt  - Dita Von Teese

 ©MichaelSchmidt - Dita Von Teese

Michael Schmidt collaborated with architect Francis Bitonti to create the first articulated 3d printed dress for the Ace Hotel, Swarovski  with help from Shapeways.  

The amazing Michael Schmidt Studios designed this 3D gown made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for the lovely Dita Von Teese. Learn more about the design and creation at

The Human Hand Can Only do so much
— Michael Schmidt

©De Zeen Magazine

Francis Bitoni, created a workshop to help participants uses computational design techniques to create new means for wrapping the human form. Two teams merged two designs to create the final form that was critiqued by design, architecture, and 3d printing heavy hitters.

The Story of PhotoShop : Thomas Knoll

In early June 2013, Michael Reichmann & Kevin Raber sat down with Thomas Knoll, co-inventor with his brother John, of Adobe Photoshop. Thomas tells the story of two young brothers and the beginnings of Photoshop. Later in the video, Thomas talks about the controversy surrounding Adobe's Creative Cloud and the solution he proposed for photographers.