LVHRD (CLL) PHN-LCKN Poster created by Doug Jaeger.

ristin Sloan fabricating white chards to later be distributed to the audience by the lead singer of Les Savy Fav.


(CLL) PHN-LCKN is by far my favorite event that we created with LVHRD. The idea came from a conversation with Claudia Fuentes, a pioneering marketing representative from Dewar's when we were doing a 'tasting' / brainstorm at the Whiskey Ward on the lower east side.  LVHRD had been mostly about shifting social situations to cause more people to meet each other, and Claudia had mentioned how frustrated she was about people talking to people that aren't at the place she is with there phones. We played with the idea of a thumb wrestling contest where people's phones get left at the door. But the larger idea didn't happen until we met another partner.

On another LVHRD event called Island cruise, where we invited New Yorkers to dress-up like tourists and meet-up at South Street sea-port to go on a Private NYC Water TaxI RIde to the newly Minted wateratxi beach in Long Island City, we met two ambitions women from the MoMA who were looking to bring a LVHRD event to the MoMA. After a series of meetings and work form thehappycorp creative team, we had a solid idea. (CLL) PHN LCKN. 


We would not have been able to make the event happen with out thehappycorp team. This event meant so much to everyone who worked on it, especially Ben Nabors and April Garrett. Ben was the producer of the event, while April was responsible for managing the partners on the event. The creative team at thehappycorp at that time was packed with some of the most talented people.

Mark Miller, Dave Franzese, Erin Sparling, Jennifer Daniel, Liz Tan, and Catherine Choi.