GoldieBlox - Go Girls!

It's sorta sad that the Beastie Boys are going after Goldie Blox for use of their song. Goldie Blox is a Small company, now, and it's likely the 7.2 millions plays will spern people to buy "Girls" from the Beastie Boys.

To think that it took until 2013 for this to happen. Thank you Debbie Sterling. The work that you are doing here is the most important kind. Creating a generation of future citizens that are interested in how things work. Making it desirable and competitive amongst the sexes, is truly inspiring. To see a future where there are rooms of engineers that are equal parts male as they are female will ensure a future that has less disease, less poverty, less war, and higher standards of living for all. Girls! Let's do this.

As the legal battle ensues between the Beastie Boys and Goldie Blox, I suggest that you buy from both sides of the argument.